Byron Gliding Club Byron Bay, NSW, 1100km north of Sydney or 250km south of Brisbane 7d
Lake Keepit Soaring Club Near Tamworth, NSW, 300 km north of Sydney All year, 7d

Prices dependent on season & membership status

  • Jantar Junior A$0.33-0.55/min, A$165/d
  • Jantar Standard A$0.39-0.61/min, A$181.50/d
  • Puchatek A$0.44-0.66/min
  • ASK21 A$0.44-0.66/min, A$198/d
  • Twin Astir A$0.44-0.66/min, A$198/d
  • LS7 A$0.50-0.83/min, A$247/d
  • LS6 A$0.55-0.88/min, A$264/d

Weekdays 1000ft A$18 +0.80/100ft

Weekends 1000ft A$26.80 +0.80/100ft

Soar Narromine Narromine, NSW, 300 km north-west of Sydney ?-March, 7d

All prices per day; group discounts

  • G 102 IIIb, Hornet A$ 180       
  • 4 Discus b, ASW 24, ASW 20b, Ventus b 16.6, ASK 21 A$240
  • Discus 2 a A$320
  • Duo Discus A$480
  • Nimbus 4 DM A$480 (w instructor A$700)
  • Nimbus 4 DM engine run A$30/min

Membership A$22/day (min A$150, A$300/year)
GFA membership (required) A$55 for one month

100ft A$2.5(min 1.500ft A$37.5)

Until 1st solo:

ASK 21 A$120 per hour

Aerotow 1st 1500ft A$24

Southern Cross Gliding Club Camden, NSW, 50km south-west of Sydney
  • DG 1000S
  • 2 IAR Brasov IS-28B2
  • ASK-13
  • Astir CS
  • PZL Bielsko SZD 51-1 Junior
  • ZL Bielsko SZD 48-2 Jantar Standard 2
    It’s a club, but visiting pilots are welcome and can fly solo after a checkout flight
3 Piper PA-25 Pawnee yes
Sportavia Soaring Centre Tocumwal, NSW, 3.5 h drive north of Melbourne Best Oct-March
  • LS-8, LS-6C, LS-4
  • Duo Discus
  • Nimbus 3
  • Nimbus 4 DM
  • ASW 27
  • Discus & Cirrus
  • Mosquito & Lak12
  • Junior

The Gliding Federation of Australia
Australia Gliding Clubs (from

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